Saturday, 28 July 2012

Batman and Bargains.

Hubby and I went on our first date since having Bubby, well second if I count the time I had lunch with him while I was running errands in the city. We saw the latest Batman movie.

Hubby was clever enough to find a discount voucher online for Optus customers so we paid half price. Score! It's really sad that the last movie we saw at the cinema was Inception and it wasn't even a pleasant experience as an idiot couple brought their very young child in the cinema and it cried, a lot. They obviously have never heard of mums and bubs session, or babysitters. I guess we're lucky as my parents were very keen to babysit. So keen that they arrived at 8.30 am, two hours early. We need to go out more often.

After the movie we went and bought a TV. Another bargain at 20% off, another score! On top of that I also got 10,000 bonus points on my Myer One card which is equal to a $100 gift voucher. Awesome! Just don't ask me what kind of TV it is. It's a Panasonic and it's very big. I think it's this one.
I actually don't really know why we needed another TV and rather urgently too when we already have a big TV. I would have thought that a fridge which has a door that doesn't close properly and a washing machine that has paint peeling off due to rust needed replacement sooner and a clothes dryer would also be nice. I don't think a very big TV will keep food from spoiling, wash clothes and dry them. Just sayin'.

After the TV purchase was a done deal I went to get a dress for my brother's wedding from Coast of London. I tried it on last Thursday but the shop didn't have it in my size. They'd have to order it from Melbourne but I was apprehensive about buying a dress I haven't tried on in my size so I walked away to think about it. It was originally $385 marked down to $169. I really liked the dress even though it's a winter colour. Seeing as I'm a sucker for a good sale so I went back to get it today. As luck would have it there was another 20% on top of he sale price. Score! It came down to $155 including the $20 express postage fee. It's a plum coloured Thai silk taffeta belted dress with a full skirt and removal straps. I'd have to wear the straps as Bubby has a habit of pulling down my top when he wants milk. I might try and see if I can turn it into a halter neck. Here it is in a size 10.

I ordered the size 8 but I'm in between a 6 and an 8. I hope it fits fine when it arrives as I forgot to ask their return policy. 

All in all it's been a good day!


  1. I love all the SCORE i am reading here my friend. I can feel yah! You're a lucky gal. And natawa ako dun sa tv. All you know is that it's big. nuff said! and I can't believe you're a size 10 too???? Maybe we can trade dresses ei?

  2. I don't care much for TV. If it had been a pair of sparkly Manolos on the other hand I could probably tell you how many crystals are in each shoe.

    I'm actually a size 6-8 but we can still trade :).