Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Masterchef Australia 2012 Finale. (Spoiler Alert)

Phew! I originally had my money on Amina but she sort of peaked too early, then I thought it might be Kylie who screwed up some dessert dish or Mindy but she had to go and stuff up her Barramundi (BTW I don't think those two could be more similar), afterwards I was sure it would be Audra but it wasn't to be. I am, however, glad that it was Andy who won. I'm pretty sure it was a bit rigged anyway as from a marketing point of view I'm not sure that it would be easy to sell Julia the Ice Queen. If she smiled just a little bit more throughout the series she might have won the competition. Andy on the other hand is funny and likeable and also a bit of an underdog and don't Australians just love a good underdog.
photo from Sydney Morning Herald
I am so looking forward to Masterchef All Stars!

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