Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nail Polishes and BOGOF Sale. Things That Annoy Me. Things That I Like.

I bought these polishes from a chemist, buy one get one free on top of 20% off. I love a BOGOF sale, they're so rare nowadays. I now know why it takes chemists so long to dispense a script: a) it's because they can't decipher the hieroglyph that is a doctor's handwriting and b) they want you to browse the store while you wait and buy things you totally don't need. 

The shades are Orchid and Jaded. I'm wearing Orchid here, it matches my pink sapphire ring perfectly but it's hard to tell because of the flash. It's a crap photo. I took it at work and tried to do it quickly. Wearing rings side by side looks odd. I normally wear the pink sapphire ring on my right hand but I can't take a photo with my left hand. I also don't normally wear three rings on my ring finger but my fingers seem to shrink in winter and my e-ring and wedding band felt loose so I wore another ring on top so they don't fall out. Excuse my wrinkly hand and gnarled fingers.

Idiot drivers annoy me. Like this fool who 'forgot' to pay for parking despite the numerous signs including the big one at the entrance that says pay for your parking before returning to your car or something to that effect. She had to dash out of the car creating traffic behind her. Also annoying are drivers who rummage through their bags/pockets/wallets for their ticket when they get to the gate. Aargh, have your ticket handy before you even turn on the engine, people.

Having to do laundry on a cloudy winter's day annoys me. It seems like a pointless exercise to hang up clothes on the line when you know they won't dry and your fingers are frozen and numb by the time you're finished. The alternative is to hang them up inside the house. There are clothes hanging on the back of just about every chair, the banister and Bubby's playpen. We really need a dryer. I love winter but I don't like cloudy or rainy days. Well, I don't mind them so long as I can stay home all day and read a book or watch a movie or sleep which probably won't happen until Bubby is old enough to go out on his own.

I like a full freezer. All of the plastic containers and ice cube trays are Bubby's food. He's not going to run out of food for a while yet.

I visited a friend last Saturday and she has this setup in her backyard for her little girl. I'm jealous.

I love flowers. This bunch is a thank you gift from an intern I supervised at work. I much prefer flowers over chocolates, they last longer. You can also look at them as much as you want without being tempted to eat them. I don't really like chocolate but if it's there, I'll eat it.

While Bubby was fast asleep this afternoon I made myself a cheesy toast. I was able to sit down and eat it at a leisurely pace with a cup of tea. Simple luxury.


  1. How are those Revlon top speed polishes when it comes to chipping? And can I ask which Chemist yougot them from? I love the look of the mint one. Also love the look of your pink saphire ring. I've got a pendant that could almost look like a match for your ring. :)

    And I hear ya on the dryer front. I desperately need one. We had one when we were living in an apartment, then last year when we moved into our home, we thought we would never ever need one again because we had the clothes line. But boy were we wrong. MrBB is still in denial though... But he'll soon change his mind when he finds out he's run out of clean dry undies because they're all hanging outside still wet.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Hi Ms BB! The Orchid chipped so easily but I'm lazy so I just add another coat on top whenever it chips. Which means I have to carry the bottle around with me. I like the Jaded too but I'm saving it for spring so I don't know if it's more chip resistant. I got them from Lindfield Chemist. I think that's what it's called, it's across the road from the train station. They're having a sale on their entire Revlon range. So tempting as I always need a new lipstick.

    Re: dryer, we actually got to that stage (running out of clean clothes) I had to use my hair dryer.