Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Day Off.

I took the day off work today because my back just can't take it anymore. It didn't help that I spent my morning yesterday leaning over a microscope and then I was on my feet for the rest of the day. I finally forced myself to make an appointment with a physiotherapist. I've never been to one and I hope she can fix me.

After I dropped off Bubby at daycare I waddled/limped my way to the shops to do grocery shopping because we have no food left in the house other than the bags of chips and popcorn that hubby bought on the weekend. I used that trolley like a walking aid and it would have been great had another shopper not collided her trolley with mine and hit me right on the baby bump. Mind you, I was as close to the shelf as I can be, she just wasn't paying attention. Annoyed the heck out of me. Afterwards I thought it was time for a hot beverage seeing as it was a cold day and all.

I don't know what it is about takeaway cups but I like them. Makes me feel grown up.

I tried to do some work at home but this view makes it hard to focus. Also I couldn't sit for too long as my back would start to kill me.

The cause of all my pain and trouble. I suspect the back and pelvis pain is related to his position. This one's a kicker and stretcher too, even worse than Bubby. This coming Sunday I'll be 28 weeks. We're getting there but not quickly enough.

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