Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kitchen (Mis)Adventure - Chicken and Prawn Paella

I have been feeling inspired to cook new things lately so I tried Curtis Stone's recipe from the Coles magazine. It's supposed to be chicken and chorizo paella but we don't eat pork so I switched it to chicken and prawn. Now, this is called kitchen misadventure for a reason:
The instruction calls for an oven proof fry pan. I wasn't sure if my scan pan is oven proof, it probably is but it also wasn't big enough for mixing everything in so I used a cast iron oven dish. Now, I wasn't sure if it was stove top safe but I figured it's iron it won't melt, plus I have a cast iron casserole pot and they seem to be constructed the same. Luckily I have a long burner. I love my stove!

Before it went in the oven. It was after looking at this photo that I realised I forgot to add the peas. It's not in the recipe but I think it needs a bit of green.

Et Voila! Or should I say Presto! since it's a Spanish dish. It turned out okay. It looks dry here but it's actually moist underneath and the chicken has a crispy skin. I still much prefer the seafood version. Next time.

I didn't just cook. I also cleaned. I don't know why I bothered.

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