Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sunny Saturday.

I don't remember when the last time we had a sunny weekend was. It would have been much nicer if Bubby and I weren't sick. We got out of the house early to be the first ones at the doctor and as a reward we got pastries for breakfast. I didn't think to take a photo of the shop window but it looked scrumptious. I wanted to try everything but in the end we settled for these.
Almond pastry, Danish scroll and palmier. I shared it with Bubby. I had mine with tea, he had his with milk.

I didn't only feed Bubby pastries for breakfast. He also had an apple. Followed by blueberries and plums for morning tea which was pretty much straight after breakfast.

The sunny day was marred by the nasty bush turkey who keeps doing this to my driveway. One rainy day I was forced to sweep the driveway because the car kept skidding as I tried to drive up. Sweeping, especially slippery steep driveways is something I should not be doing. The next door neighbour saw me and practically yanked the broom from my hand and finished sweeping the driveway for me. 

Look at the damage that the nasty turkey did to my garden. It's building a massive nest on the front yard of my neighbour. If I catch that bush turkey it's going to be one roast turkey. 
Some plants are still doing well.

One can't let a sunny weekend go by without doing the laundry. Here's my little helper.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.


  1. Those pastries look delicious! :)
    is that an Aldi toy box that Bubby is sitting on? I wanted to buy a couple of them for my boys, but I missed out :p

  2. Yes, it's an Aldi toy box. I got in there pretty early just to get them. I also got the ambulance, a second school bus and I sent my parents to hunt down a fire truck as the one I bought was damaged and they were sold out by the time I went back. They're great and Bubby actually likes to put his toys in them. Hurrah! I'm going to use one as a step stool for when Bubby's big bed arrives next week as he'll need something lower to climb onto the bed.

  3. Lucky you! I wish I had thought to go early. I wanted them really bad... I mean, my kids wanted them really bad. *LOL*

  4. Trust me, you and I were not the only mums who wanted them really bad. I wasn't the only crazy who was there early and bought one of each. The kids who were dragged along looked like they couldn't care less. LOL.