Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Torrential Tuesday.

What better way to start the day than to have a good breakfast. Actually, I started the day stuck in very heavy traffic. By the time I had dropped off Bubby and got back to my side of town I needed to refuel before tackling the grocery shopping.
Hot chocolate on a rainy day. The only thing missing was the marshmallow. I had a veggie panini with scrambled eggs. It looked so good but sadly my taste buds are still out of action from this horrible cold. It is nice to have a leisurely breakfast though, not having to rush anywhere so I had the time to go through my Coles magazine for some meal ideas and write out a shopping list.

Bubby really loves his umbrella and has just discovered the joy of jumping in puddles.

When I was tidying up after putting Bubby to bed I found my work keys. I didn't even realise they were gone from my bag as I stayed home today.

This was taken last summer. It's not the first time I found my car key in Bubby's car. I think it's time to upgrade the car to one with keyless ignition.

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