Friday, 19 July 2013

A Nice Walk. Saving My Sanity.

Today Bubby, Chububby and I went for a walk. It was the first time I left the house since I got home from the hospital some 4 weeks ago. No wonder I was going stir crazy. It was nice to be outside and dressed somewhat nicely. I really enjoyed looking at the houses and their gardens on my street.

Bubby helped me push the pram.

Bubby loved to watched the goings on in the neigbourhood, mainly the gardeners trimming hedges and using leaf blowers.

Red camellias! 

Magnolias are blooming.

Pink camellias.

I love this lawn and the spring blossoms.

I'd like to know how the owners (or their gardener) made these spring blossoms look like this.

I never realised how many of my neighbours hired gardeners. I know next door does because the gardener once mistook my house for theirs and trimmed my hedges!

How cute are these hedge balls?

More Magnolias

Bubby spotted a lizard (see if you can). The kid has sharp eyes.

He also got to climb a tree.

Snow drops from my own garden, or whats left of it thanks to the bush turkeys.

My Magnolia tree with buds that are about to bloom. I can't wait!

What I wore. Lots of pink. It's my happy colour.

Orchid I received when I was in hospital. I hope I can keep it alive.

After our walk I managed to make myself morning tea while Chububby was asleep in the pram. As always he has the worst timing as he woke up just after I took this photo.

It's  good thing we went for a walk when we did because the weather turned foul shortly after we got home.

Today has been the best day I've had since coming home. I need to make this a part of my daily routine. I'm starting to feel normal again.


  1. I love Bubby's sweater. Can I ask where you got it from?

    So jealous of those camelias. They are absolutely beautiful. I can't believe everyone I know has camelias except for me!!!

  2. Bubby's sweater is from John Lewis. My sister in law brought it back from London. I love their stuff. I think they ship to Australia :)

    You have to get camellias! They take care of themselves and are so pretty. Mine don't flower as much as the neighbors' because we get minimal sunlight.