Monday, 22 July 2013

Things Are Starting To Look Up.

I have accomplished so much today!

I managed to have breakfast in peace while checking out FB. You'd never guess I had children to care for. Ok well, my mum arrived and entertained Bubby while I ate and Chububby was still asleep. And yes, that is a paper towel that I used as a place mat. Don't judge me.

I had a leisurely shower and got into proper clothes albeit hastily styled. If you have a newborn you'd know that I ought to be congratulated for achieving such success.

I chased this nasty turkey that is ruining my front yard. His name will be Dinner.

Look at that trail of destruction.

Then Chububby and I went for a walk to the shopping centre. It's a pretty long walk and I made it! Gold star for effort. We met my mum and Bubby there. They caught the train which I couldn't because there is a very high set of stairs at my closest train station, so I walked. It was great to be out in the civilised world again. I only bought a bottle of water and sushi but still. Now that I know it's achievable next time I'll buy more!

We got home, I fed the kids and put them both to bed with minimal effort. 

Glorious day!

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