Friday, 26 July 2013

BB Cream Bandwagon.

I have heard the BB cream being mentioned on a number of blogs lately and I have always wondered what this new 'miracle' cream is. My mum mentioned it to me today and she happened to have one in her bag so I tried it. I am not convinced that it is anything different from a tinted moisturiser with SPF. I think it's just clever marketing. But I'm a sucker and a joiner so I went ahead and got one too. 

Well I needed a new moisturiser anyway as I have almost finished my usual moisturiser (Dermalogica Active Moist which I have been using for years for good reason). I figured if the BB cream doesn't work for me it's relatively cheap so it's not like the time I splurged on Jurlique only to find it didn't suit my skin plus my mum uses it so I can just give it to her.

In other news, after 6 long weeks I drove again. Yay! Another step towards normalcy. 

My windshield needs a good clean.

Driving at 40 kph seems a bit fast to me at first but that feeling didn't last very long. Daycare run starts again next week for me plus a whole week of doctor's appointments. I hope I haven't forgotten how to reverse parallel park.

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