Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Choices and Multitasking.

It seems I am faced with a choice with every waking moment. Should I stay in bed and try to catch more sleep or should I get out of bed and spend time with Bubby, shower or eat? Once out of bed I have a choice of whether to eat or have a shower in the limited time I have. On a sunny day I have to choose whether to eat/shower/sleep or tackle the mountain of washing. Of course sometimes I have no choice when I have ran out of clothes. Sometimes both kids need me at the same time so I have to choose who to go to first. That's the hardest part.

This morning I chose to get out of bed early, have a long shower, get out of my pajamas (thanks to my mum who bought me jeans I can wear), blow dry my hair and even put blush and lip gloss on. And boy did it make a difference to my mood more than a fitful catch up nap could.

I'm wearing size 12 jeans. I can't wait to be able to workout and get back into my normal clothes. I don't think there's much I can do with the Dolly Partons. I'm not a fan of them.

I even had time for a quick breakfast and managed to drink my tea while it was still hot (hurray!) and I managed to finish it uninterrupted too.

After breakfast I was faced with another choice, to clean up after Bubby's accident (he is toilet training) or rush to feed a crying Chububby. I left Bubby to my mum and fed Chububby.

Then there are things that I can multitask with. Eating and nursing, eating and doing online grocery shopping (which always takes me a couple of hours because someone always demands my attention and I always forget something because I'm about to run out of time to place my order. I need to master the art of online grocery shopping), eating and watching tv (I think I need to do this more often), eating and spending time with Bubby. I can also nurse and blog. Chububby just managed to spew all over me as I type. He managed to miss his bib completely. Maybe I should wear a bib.

Too bad I can't eat and shower at the same time.


  1. You look fantastic! I can't even tell you've just had a baby.

  2. You're too kind :).

    I think I lost more weight since those jeans are loose now (or maybe they just stretched). I still can't wait to get the green light from the physio to start working out.

  3. I agree that if that is your post-baby figure you are doing well! I can only dream of that at my current 29 week pregnant state! As for eating and showering, I'm sure it can happen :)