Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monday Monday.

Monday Monday , so good to me,
Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would be
 (Mamas and Papas) 

And the rest of the song doesn't apply to me anymore (thankfully!)

What a beautiful day it was yesterday.

I did the daycare run in the morning and found parking straight away close to the gate too. The other kids were all very excited to see Bubby. They crowded around us as soon as we arrived that we couldn't even get in through the door. It was a bit too much for Bubby and he cried as he clung to me for dear life. Apprently he cried for a grand total of two minutes after I left and he had a really good day. He was happy when I picked him up and even gave one of his friends a hug as we left.

I wasn't so lucky with the parking when I picked up Bubby in the afternoon so I parked at the shopping centre and walked. 

Thank you, Westfield for the very generously spacious Parents with Pram parking space right in front of the lifts. I must check the parents room to see if it's as good as the parents room in Westfield City.

What I wore yesterday.
Jumper: Aldi (love a good bargain, I wished I got the pink one but it was sold out). Jeans: Kmart (size 12 and are now very loose, yay!). Shoes: Diana Ferrari I bought a week before giving birth. I need to remind myself not to get talked into buying shoes half a size bigger than usual. Bag: Burberry.

What I wore this morning
Jumper: gift from mum. Jeans and shoes same as yesterday. Well, not the same pair of jeans but clean ones that are exactly the same as yesterday's. I have lots of them.

What I will be wearing later on because I don't like upturned hem on jeans and can't be bothered fixing it.
Skirt: Kmart. I bought these when I was pregnant and it's what I was wearing when I went to hospital. Totally worth the $15 I paid for it.

Chububby is fast asleep. I should either, sleep, eat, get dinner ready (yes it's not even lunch time but I won't get much of a chance later on I actually started the prep last night), tidy up the house, do some laundry, upload photos on FB. So many choices.

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