Friday, 16 March 2012

Day Out With Bubby. Actual Shopping. Yum Cha. Ten Year Reunion.

Today we headed out with my brother's fiancee to the Chinese Gardens to scope out one of the Pavilions as a wedding ceremony venue. We came, we saw, we booked! Those two are so easy. God knows what I went through with my wedding planning. If I could do it all again I simply wouldn't. On the way there we saw what looked like a pram parking lot. It's not everyday that you see this:

Afterwards we went to Market City to kill time before checking out a reception venue. I ended up coming away with this:

It was 3 for $10 so I also got it in silver:

Hmmm, they look a bit identical, don't they? My future sister-in-law got the third one but in blue denim.

Shoe sizes are really annoying. I complained before that size 37 is now too big for me but these shoes were size 38. I also have another pair of sandals from the same brand and it's a slightly big 37. I don't get it. I also said previously that thongs aren't shoes, well they are if they're shiny. I'm not really a fan of anything that goes between the toes but they're so shiny I couldn't resist.

After our impromptu shopping we went to yum cha. My first yum cha since having a baby! Bubby slept the entire time. To be able to eat uninterrupted is bliss. We couldn't go to our favourite yum cha place as there were stairs and no lifts plus there's no room for prams and I'm not going to park my $$$$ pram at the entrance where anyone can just take it. I really need to get a baby carrier but it would be like carrying a back pack but on your front and I haven't worn a back pack since my uni days. Speaking of uni Sydney University has sent me (and hubby) an invitation for a 10 year reunion! I can't believe it's been ten years since we first graduated from uni. Since then we have both taught at uni and graduated again. I feel old.

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