Sunday, 11 March 2012

Shopping for Swimsuit and Shoes. Snippets of Sunday.

By shopping I purely meant window shopping but I liked the alliteration. I'll start with my online window shopping. I need new swimsuits. Pre-baby this would have been the sort of swimsuit I'd wear.

All of my swimmers are two piece and while I still fit into them and have got my pre-baby body back sadly my tummy has very bad stretch marks. Like tiger or zebra stripes. Animal prints are supposed to be hot right now but should I display mine, hot they are not, and I might be hunted down and shot. Since I put Bubby to sleep early tonight I have time to browse Asos.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Cleo
I love the print and colour of this swimsuit. I love the halter neck too. 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Floral
  This is so cute! I think I might actually be able to get away with high waisted bottoms like this.

Red or Dead Fly By

Juicy Couture Stripe

Juicy Couture Cherry

Rebecca Manning
Juicy Couture Solid Ruched Bandeau

Of course, it's not just swimsuits that I looked at. I really like this dress. I think I can wear it to my brother's very low key Spring Garden Wedding in November. But of course if I buy it I'm sure to find something else I like too later on.

I also did some actual window shopping at the shops today. I love these Giuseppe Zanotti crystal embellished ballet flats. The pictures don't do it justice. They're so sparkly and pretty.

Isn't this Salvatore Ferragamo just gorgeous. I want so bad!

By the way, what's up with shoe sizing? I used to be a size 6AU (37EU) but now 6 is too big. My mum is having the same issue so it's not as if pregnancy caused my feet to shrink. Apparently they've changed shoe sizing? I wonder if it's true because if it is it's a pointless exercise. I mean if you were a size 12 before and now you're a size 11, I'm sorry but you still have big feet. This just means that I can't buy shoes online as I don't know if they will fit. What a pain. Not that I've ever bought or have plans to buy shoes online, but still!

After our shopping expedition where the only things I bought were smoked salmon and sushi (again with the S) I capped the day off with an afternoon tea. There's something about drinking your tea in a nice cup that makes it more enjoyable.
Maple and pecan pastry. Yum.
Bubby also enjoyed his afternoon tea.

He has a new high chair with a five point harness. He used to have the Ikea Antillop but he can Houdini out of it. One time I had my back to him for less than a minute to rinse his cup and when I turned around he had climbed out of the high chair and had one foot on the high chair and one knee on the table. I nearly had a heart attack.

I realised that I have only a few more weekends without having to worry about the work week. *Sigh* Time sure flies.

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