Thursday, 8 March 2012

Monsoonal Weather. Rough Night.

I am absolutely loving this cool monsoonal weather that nature has gifted us.

Well, that's because I don't have to go anywhere today and can just chill out at home and make like a cat. Of course, if I had to go to work in this weather I'd be making like a drowned rat and cursing the rain along with the rest of Sydney and pretty much the rest of New South Wales. I might be cursing it later if I decide to drive to inspect a house to see if its roof leaks.

We had a rough night last night. Bubby decided he's going to relapse into his old ways and woke up at 1 AM.  I would normally ignore his cries as he usually settles down after a minute but I followed the advice of the nurse at sleep school and went in to reassure him that I'm still there and left him. Boy, did that set him off. And the thing is I knew it would set him off. He's yelling in his baby language "I know you're there so why don't you come here and feed me to sleep!" So for the next 45 minutes I had to listen to him scream in anger and frustration while I sat on the stairs in the dark curled up into a ball as I rock myself like a mental asylum patient. Would you believe that I went in there again to give him a cuddle like the nurse said to do when they sound distressed. Well distress and tantrum sound the same and I knew that this one was the latter but I doubted myself. He doesn't want to be reassured, he wants to be fed to sleep. It took all my willpower not to give in. I kept telling myself that if I don't fix this now he'll be doing this until he's 2. It really serves me right for taking the advice of someone who couldn't even put my son to sleep in the first place.

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