Saturday, 3 March 2012

House Hunting Part 3.

Well we only saw one house today and there's not really much that can be said so I will fluff it up.

House 8
Inner West. Victorian Manor. When I was still at uni I used to catch the train and every time I rode past the Inner Western suburbs from Croydon to Macdonaltown I would stop whatever work I'm doing and stare out the window to look at the Victorian Manors. There is one in particular which was pink that would make me sigh. It was a bit 'Painted Ladies' and a bit 'Full House'


I always wished that one day I'll live in one of those houses. Fast forward more than 10 years later and it might be possible. Anyway, House 8 is in need of a makeover. A Major Makeover. Every room needs to be renovated. It's what real estate agents call a renovator's delight. It's a bit of a disaster but it has the potential to be Amazing. I just hope the price is right.

Speaking of price, House 2 which I mentioned here was passed in at auction. The highest bid was waaaay way out of our budget. Totally. Yeah, I'm glad we didn't bother with that one or we would have just wasted our money on building reports and whatnot. That price tag is nowhere near the ballpark figure that the real estate agent indicated. It's a different ballpark in a different city. Why bother attracting the interest of potential buyers by indicating a value (much) lower than the reserve price when there's a good chance they'll be priced out? It doesn't matter how many people register for auction if they can't afford it, it won't sell. It's just a big waste of time and money for the buyer. It just makes the whole house hunting experience even uglier than it already is.

On a much lightet note, here's what Bubby did to my freshly cleaned oven door.

It's a work of art, it is.


  1. I say, forget about what real estate agent tells you, Bubby’s Mummy! The “renovator’s delight” is sooo out of the question. These days, you can get the house you truly desire through an adjustable home loan. No fixings, no major renovations needed, and you can move in right away to your dream house.

    Richelle Jelsma

  2. Hi, Richelle. On the day that House 8 was auctioned we exchanged contract on another house. We're so glad that we didn't go ahead with House 8. We occasionally drive past it and the new owners have done absolutely nothing on the outside (they're probably still waiting for council approval which on a heritage listed property could take years) but hopefully they managed to make the interior liveable because it wasn't before, unless you're a rat or a cockroach.

  3. Well, if I’m going to purchase a house, I wouldn’t go for something that needs a major renovation, even if it is being offered in a great price. Come to think of it, you may even spend more money on renovating than settling on a house with a higher price but doesn’t need extensive modifications.

    Sara Owens