Thursday, 15 March 2012

Home Alone Dinner. Bubby the Baby Bully.

The other night hubby had to work late and as much as it's lonely without him the silver lining is I didn't have to cook. Well, I did boil some eggs to make my egg sandwich.

I even trimmed the crust off to make it more fancy. It looks tiny, doesn't it? Don't be fooled, I'm on no diet, that was my second sandwich for the night and the first one had crust. Oh and I wasn't exactly home alone, Bubby was already asleep.

Yesterday's mothers' group meet was at the park which was great for Bubby but probably not so much for the other babies. There are younger babies in our group who aren't very mobile yet. They were pretty much defenceless against Bubby's antics. While Bubby is tiny for his age the younger babies are of course smaller. Poor little A was Bubby's first target. Little A was poked a few times and Bubby even tried to bite him twice. At least he seemed to enjoy the pokes. He then moved on to Little K. Bubby tried to give her a biscuit, poor girl's not even on solids yet. Then he decided he's sick of crawling and wanted to sit and nearly sat on Little K's head. Then he wanted to stand so he used Big J as leverage. He and Big J then decided to grab a packet of arrowroot biscuits and between the two of them they opened it and spilled half its content. Then he went back to Little A who was playing with a toy and took his toy from him. I want him to play and touch other babies but he's so rough. I had to issue an apology for my little rascal. Today he bit my husband on the shoulder when we were playing chase. He still has teeth mark on his shoulder. Here he is trying to steal someone's grapes.

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