Thursday, 1 March 2012

Free Time. Happy 9 Months, Bubby!

Twice in the space of a week I find myself with Free Time. The house is absolutely spotless, baby is asleep, hubby still at work so I can do what I want! Last Thursday I spent wasted my free time deciding what to do, finally decided to watch Love Actually but I couldn't find my DVD anywhere. I know I left it in the playstation but hubby must have just chucked it wherever and now it's gone. Now I feel like watching Sherlock but I don't feel like sitting on the couch because it's so neat I don't want to mess up the cushions. I could do my nails but they're already done. Am I a Domestic Goddess or what?  I could read a book. I should try and finish, well, start first then finish, Book 2 of Game of Thrones before the series starts but it's just too much effort. Hey I've been downright industrious with the tidying and the cleaning and the vacuuming and mopping and washing and cooking and everything, I deserve to be downright lazy.

Bubby turned 9 months today! How quickly does time fly? He has developed an obsession with the vacuum cleaner lately. It's probably  because he sees it quite often now. If it's not turned on he's playing with it, pushing the tube around or climbing or standing over the motor part. He touches it like some long lost love. He doesn't show the same kind of tenderness or affection with me. When it's turned on he'd be chasing it around by crawling towards the vacuum head making vacuuming in some kind of methodical fashion near impossible as he keeps getting in the way. Today he was chasing it again, on foot!

With the help of a walker but he walked on his own! Here I go again getting excited at the prospect of another milestone when clearly a walker is far more disastrous than a crawler. He already thinks he can stand on his own as twice today he fell over because he let go while standing. Sorry, kiddo, you have a while to go yet, at least I'm hoping.


  1. oh he's walking!!!! wow, Yllac was very late on the walking and when people point that, id say that every baby is different, but of course that's just me, a defensive mommy. But he's walking now. whew!

    we have same walker. almost the same pala.

    anyway can i email you? i don't see any email address of you here. mine's

  2. He can't walk on his own yet. Thank goodness! Otherwise I'd get absolutely nothing done, I'd just be chasing him all day.

    You're right, every baby is different and will reach milestones at different ages. So long as they get there eventually, it's all good :).