Friday, 2 August 2013

6 Week Update. Recent Purchases.

We had a very busy week this week. Just look at my diary.

The last 5 weeks I have just been hanging in there until the magical 6 week mark. And it did not disappoint. Maybe it's all in my head but things really are easier now. Chububby still feeds every 3 hours round the clock and occasionally he might stretch to 4-5 hours in between feeds at night. I'm still sleep deprived but the freedom of being able to drive and get out of the house and be normal again has made a HUGE difference. So here's the low down on our progress:

Chububby @ 6 weeks:
Weight: 4.82 kg (Bubby 4.39 kg)
Length: 57.5 cm (Bubby 54 cm)
Head circumference: 38.0 (Bubby same)

He's comfortably in the 50th percentile for all measurements.

(Bubby didn't reach the same weight and length until he was 9 weeks. His weight has always been in the 3rd to 5th percentile and has been a constant concern. Luckily, he's much more robust now and eats a ton, always have. I guess he has my metabolism.)

He has quite dry skin though and has eczema and cradle cap. Poor thing inherited my skin. He tends to have wind pain especially in the evening which makes him hard to settle. We were prescribed Infacol wind drops which I will try tonight. Hopefully it works. He has other minor issues that need to be monitored but he has been described by his pediatrician as perfectly healthy. He also settle himself to sleep (Hurray!!!). In fact it's easier to put him to sleep that way than to sway him to sleep as he always wakes up as soon as his head hits the mattress and cries. He still needs to learn to sleep for longer though, he tends to catnap unless he's in the pram. He has also started to smile and make babbling sounds. His progress really makes the whole newborn stage more enjoyable. The Newborn days are definitely numbered as he has recently graduated to Infant nappies as the Newborn Huggies are a bit too small now. The best news from his 6 week checkup is that I don't have to wake him up anymore if he sleeps for longer than 4 hours! The pediatrician said to let him sleep.  Hurrah!!!

Me @ 6 weeks post partum;
Apparently I'm healing nicely but definitely could do with more sleep. My obstetrician said my recovery has been good. I still have significant abdominal separation so I need to go back tot he physiotherapist and no lifting or exercise. The black clouds have definitely lifted and my GP doesn't think I have post natal depression but urged me to rest more and sleep when I can.


Now on to my recent purchases. I am in desperate need of a wardrobe update since I am in between sizes and it will be a while yet before I get my pre-pregnancy body back since I'm not allowed to exercise. So today I went to my 'go to' place for affordable clothes, Target.

This is what I wore:
 A pre-pregnancy dress in size 8! I first wore this dress for Bubby's 6 month checkup.  I didn't think it would fit but it did. Hurrah! It is a bit tight but hey I can still do up the buttons. I look like I have a bit of Christina Hendricks/Joan Harris happening at the top there. It's hot on Joan but I'm not used to it on me. I never thought I'd ever say this but I miss my flat chest.

I tried these on:
I love this dress, it's navy has a nice detail on the shoulder but you can see it's a bit tight. I didn't even try the size 10 as I know it would be too big certainly by the time I go back to work. I would have still bought this but it wasn't on sale.

I liked the look of this skirt (also navy) but it makes my torso look really short but not in a way that makes my legs look long.

I really like this skirt. The only reason that I didn't get this is is because it wasn't on sale but I will wait.

I really wanted this peplum skirt but they didn't have it in store.

Also this pencil skirt.

If I was sure of the fit I'd buy them online.

These are the outfits I purchased:
This skirt is a size 10 and fits perfectly now. It will probably be too big later on but it has belt loops so I can just wear a belt with it.

This skirt is still a bit tight but I can get away with it. I quite like the pattern which is hard to see in the photo and it's also mainly navy (my love affair with navy is also documented here). Both skirts are $30 marked down from $50. I bought the black top too for $7. Bargain! Even better that I used Flybuys money from my accumulated Flybuys points. Hurrah!!!

There's no better therapy than retail therapy especially when it's free! Hurrah!!!

(I don't think I've used the word hurrah more times in all my posts combined over the last 2 years)

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