Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Walk in the Park.

Yesterday morning looked like a very nice day to go for a walk. 'Looked like' being the operative words. While it was a very sunny day it's also quite windy and chilly. Nevertheless, Chububby and I headed to Centennial Park in the morning after dropping off Bubby at daycare for a nice walk.

Spotted a black swan. I've danced the part of the Black Swan before but I've never seen a real one until now.

Nice spot for a picnic, if it wasn't freezing cold.

Not the park but I can't wait to take him on an excursion to the park so he can ride his 'motorbike' and his trike. Someone is getting a scooter for Christmas, oh and a helmet and leather gear. Bubby is not the most coordinated kid in the world. He tried to chase a turkey and tripped on his second step got up and tripped again. He is very articulate though, just as well as he'll never be a sports star.


  1. You've danced Black Swan .....waouah ! Did you love the movie ?x

  2. Well, when I say I've danced the role of Odile I meant when i was in my teens for a ballet school recital not a full length Swan Lake. I did a series of single and double pirouettes instead of 32 fouettes :).

    The movie Black Swan was too dark and twisted for me but i loved the dance scenes.