Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wishlist - Cross Body Bag

Getting out and about with two kids is a bit of a challenge. One of those challenges is how to push a pram with one hand, hold Bubby's hand with the other and keep my bag on my shoulder. (Yes, the important stuff. You should have guessed from the title of the post that this is going to be trivial.) My temporary solution is to use this wristlet:

The problem with it is that it fits my phone and keys and very little else. My purse is bigger than the wristlet itself, so it's still not that practical.

 I thought a cross body bag will solve my dilemma. Here are the contenders in the order that I tried them not preference:


I think the strap is a bit long and I don't think it's adjustable. 

I like it converts to a shoulder bag for a dressier look. An early favourite.

In cream.

2. Guess

A bit too casual for my liking but it's a good size and on sale for $79 marked down from $198. I nearly bought it there and then. 

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs
I love the bow.

It looks so sweet. I'm just not sure that lambskin can withstand everyday wear.


Quilted lambskin with chain strap.

 I look like a bag lady, a high end bag lady.

It looks very much like Chanel and if I was going to go for this look it might as well be Chanel. That will never happen as I can't justify spending that much on a handbag. Maybe if I win lotto, in which case I should probably buy a ticket. 

5. DKNY 

This one is also quite nice. I like the flap and the strap is adjustable. 

It's a bit on the small side though as once my purse is in it there's not much room.

6. MICHAEL Michael Kors
I've liked this bag for a while now but in bright blue. It's just a bit too big and heavy.

7. LV
LV Favorite PM. I like the strap options but I wished it came in the Damier as I'm not really a fan of the LV signature pattern. Also a tad exxy.

8. Coach
I think this is by far my favourite. I love the shape and the size. It's small enough not to be cumbersome but big enough to fit all essentials (purse, keys, phone, lip balm) plus room for a little extra (tissues, lip gloss, pen, small notebook, toy cars). It's leather and durable for everyday errands and also dressy enough for going out. not that I ever do. I only saw it in yellow, tan, orange and magenta and I kept going back to the bright magenta. I could only find a a picture in deep wine. I wished I took a photo but I just quickly ducked in to the store en route to picking up Bubby from daycare in the spare 5 minutes I had. I'm sure I'll be back to try it again. These things need to be considered very carefully.

While my birthday is coming up in a couple of months whether or not I'll actually get a bag is another thing. My laptop just died along with all my work files and photos (I guess laptops don't survive from being dropped from the kitchen bench and landing face down when they're turned on).  But hey, wishing is free, right?


  1. The Coach bag is by far my favourite, followed by the Michael Kors.

  2. That's because you have great taste.