Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Banana Split and Bubby's First Babycino

I started the day really well by opting for healthier options.

Breakfast: Roast chicken sub with all the salad options (minus the onion, yuck), okay with ranch sauce but still better than McDonald's.

Lunch: Salmon sushi and seaweed salad

And then it's downhill from there. 

I had a craving for a banana split.

Bubby enjoyed his first babycino.

Like, really enjoyed it.

Like, a lot.

Can't get enough.

He also sampled the banana split and tried to drink the chocolate lick on the side.

Banana split and mocha which is best drank from a hug mug. I love Max Brenner.

I actually felt quite sick afterwards from the sugar overload. I better get started on that exercise regime I've been thinking about.

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