Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hospital or Hotel?

Hotel-like hospitals give another dimension to the word 'hospitality'. When I first found out I was pregnant my GP asked me if I had a hospital preference. There are two private hospitals close to me and she described them both as hotels. In the end it wasn't a choice for me to make as my obstetrician only delivers at one of those two hospitals. I never got the chance to do a tour of the hospital as I was busy with work and I didn't notice the reception either when I first arrived as I was too busy having contractions to pay attention. It wasn't until I left the hospital that I got the chance to look around.

If it wasn't for the wheelchair this could pass as a hotel lobby.

Not your typical hospital food. I nearly died when I saw smoked salmon on the menu. I had chocolate mousse too but I devoured that before I thought to take a photo. The only thing missing is a cheese platter.

Wine or beer? 

We had a 'celebratory dinner' as well on my last night which was so so but the dessert was quite good. The dinner also came with a bottle of champagne which I had to turn down, obviously. The other private hospital offers 'maternity high tea'. Fancy. 

The hospital where I had Bubby located in the Eastern Suburbs wasn't as fancy but if there are no complications after the birth you have the option of being shipped off to an actual hotel for the rest of your 'hospital' stay. I was offered the option but turned it down because Bubby was sooo tiny and jaundiced I thought it was better that we were in hospital which was a good choice as the pediatrician got to see him everyday. There were also plenty of midwives and I never had to wait too long whenever I pressed the call button. I didn't mind staying also as my room had a view of the City skyline and the Harbour Bridge. It had a big wall mounted flat screen TV too. Fancy.

I would have been very happy at the hospital I gave birth to Chububby at if the 'room service' aka midwife care was as hospitable as the lobby suggests. At the end of the day or the middle of the night, or early hours of the morning, you are there because you require care not for a holiday. I loved my obstetrician but should I be careless enough to have a third (crosses self) I am tempted to jump ship. Our pediatrician, whom I absolutely adore and will miss going to once both boys are over 3 years old, practices at the other hospital too.

Why am I even contemplating another maternity hospital?!


  1. Wow that 'hotel' looks fancy. My hospital had the worst food but the views were nice and lots of midwives around too, so it there is a next time (well I'll be crazy!) I'll go back even if the food is bad..

  2. Hi Sass Spice!

    I'd definitely choose more midwives over good food and fancy. Waiting half an hour for a midwife to help with attachment is not cool.

    Off to read your blog. I love reading about others who are in a similar situation as me. Congrats on your baby girl!