Friday, 23 August 2013

Kitchen (Mis)Adventure - Car Cake Catastrophe

As far as kitchen misadventures go this one is an epic failure of Titanic proportions. Bubby and I were supposed to bake a chocolate car cake for hubby's birthday. I've talked it up for days and he was excited to make an Uncle Topolino cake for daddy.

This is Uncle Topolino for those of you who have never seen Cars 2 or don't have a boy.

Now you're probably wondering how can you possibly get a ready-mix cake wrong, right? Well, lets start from the very beginning, the very best place to start. (Sound of Music fan much?) First we begin with cake mix, water, oil and eggs. Mix with an electric mixer for a few minutes, pour in a cake tin and pop in a pre-heated oven. Check, check, check.

We then left it to do it's thing and that's when things went wrong.

The silicone cake mould collapsed and the cake mix spilled. Luckily, I decided to check how it was going after about 5 minutes. I was able to somewhat salvage it.

Not looking promising.

The rest of the cake.

The important thing is Bubby still think it looks like Uncle Topolino.

If Uncle Topolino fell into a ditch. A ditch the size of a canyon.


  1. this is why I buy birthdays cakes in high pressure situations! My kid loves both car movies too x

  2. Good thing it's just for the four of us and it's really just so Bubby can bake a cake. I was going to attempt to make a Lightning McQueen cake for Bubby's birthday. I'm glad i bought a ready made LMcQ cake from Woolies. best $22 I ever spent on a cake even if it didn't get eaten.

    I also noticed that Toddler FF always has a car in hs hand :)

  3. I find those silicon moulds hopeless, for the reason you have demonstrated above!! I donated all of mine recently as I never used them. Give me an old fashioned cast iron tin any day. We also had some chocolate birthday cake misadventures over the weekend. I need to get around to blogging about it too :)