Saturday, 3 August 2013

Nappy Bags.

As Jerry Seinfeld might say, "What's the deal with nappy bags?" I have always wondered what other mums stuff in their nappy bags so I googled nappy bag contents. I had to laugh at some of those images. Firstly, I marvel at the size of some of the nappy bags and secondly, I marvel at the amount of stuff people think a tiny person could possibly need on one outing. I get that you'll need nappies, wipes, a change mat, a change of baby clothes and bottles and formula if bottle feeding or snacks if on solids. However, some people pack several outfits for every season/weather/occasion, toys, books, creams, medicine cabinet, kitchen sink... Seriously how long will they be away that 5 changes of clothes are necessary? Will baby really get that bored that every type of toy vehicle is required? Bubby was allowed two toys at most and they have to be small enough to stuff in a pocket I never had an actual nappy bag, I just used a big bag I already owned. My first few outings with Bubby I packed so much crap in my 'nappy bag' that I practically couldn't close the zipper. You know how when going on holidays you can pack your bag nicely but when you pack for the trip back you can't make anything fit? Well, it turned out like that every time I needed to get anything out of the darn bag. In the end I realised, I don't really need to bring that many nappies or a spare outfit for myself, or a spare muslin and spare blanket. Here are my nappy bag essentials

A napkin that I use as a burp cloth, a bib, a small washer, I also bring a spare onesie but forgot to include it in the photo, a change mat, nappy wipes and in the case I have three nappies, nappy cream and hand sanitiser, I can even fit my Filofax in there. I also have plastic bags in the pram for dirty nappies. So far, and I know we've only been getting out of the house for a week, the only item I've used is my Filofax. The nappy bag stays in the pram basket and I carry my personal items in a small handbag. And by small I mean it fits a purse, a phone, lip balm, lip gloss, keys and little else. I used to carry around a little camera but I now use my phone.

This is the nappy bag that I use now:

It's a medium sized shopper. There's still plenty of room in there for my shopping.

I started off with this. I liked how it's structured but that turned out to be a problem as once it's in the pram basket I couldn't fit anything else in. The cherry red colour and polka dots make me happy.

This is what I originally used with Bubby:
I've used this DVF bag for travelling. It fits a helluva lot but I soon realised I don't need a helluva lot.

Kuala Lumpur, January 2009. Shameless showing off of travel pic. I am living vicariously through this blog. It will be years before I'm brave enough to travel with kids.

I eventually just started to stuff my nappy essentials in my Totally PM which is the biggest everyday handbag that I own. I was even able to also carry around a bottle of milk in there.

Going out to see the grandparents is a different kettle of fish altogether. One needs lots of toys, the musical puppy, the baby swing, the travel cot...

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